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TalentWar.net, Inc is committed to confidentiality and protecting your privacy. This Privacy Statement outlines how information is gathered and used, indicates who receives information from this site and informs you how to modify registered candidate data.

How Information is Gathered and Used
Personal information acquired through candidate registration such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address is gathered to provide recruiters with the data needed to promote you as a candidate for job openings and determine whether you're an appropriate match for our clients.

Who Receives Candidate Information
Candidate information is directed to TalentWar.net, Inc recruiters who analyze the data and determine whether the applicant is suitable for current or future job openings. TalentWar.net, Inc recruiters are dedicated to building relationships with and placing the best candidates. Any information provided is strictly confidential and intended for the sole use of TalentWar.net, Inc recruiters working toward your job placement and the enhancement of your career.

Modifying Candidate Information
If you wish to change or remove your profile from our database, simply call us at 619 446 6479 with a request for a profile change or deletion.

Changes to Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement may be reviewed and modified periodically. Updates will automatically appear on this page. To ensure that you are familiar with any modifications, it is advisable to view the Privacy Statement periodically.

Contact Information
If you have questions, comments or concerns about the TalentWar.net, Inc Privacy Statement, please contact us at 619 446 6479 or email us on the Contact us page.

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